Video: MacG – “There is NO DIFFERENCE between Minnie Dlamini & Zodwa Wabantu, they both sell Kuku… One owns it, one doesn’t”

Controversial podcast host Macgyver Mukwevho, popularly known as MacG, set tongues wagging on Twitter.


MacG  claimed that media personality Minnie Dlamini is no different to dancer Zodwa Wabantu, via an episode of Podcast And Chill .

According to MacG, Minnie Dlamini is no different from controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu, both of them sell their p*ussy. One owns it, one doesn’t”


“There is no difference between Minnie and Zodwa Wabantu. They’re both selling p*ssy. One owns it, one doesn’t. Do you get it? And that’s where my issue is. If you’re selling p*ssy, just say yeah, I’m selling p*ssy that’s how I get my sh*t,” he said.

“But does she owe anyone an explanation though?” asks the Ghost Lady.

“She does because she paints herself as this saint and as this person who works hard for her money. Imagine how many girls want to be like Minnie Dlamini or Mihlali? They’re selling false dreams,” he continued.




MacG claims Minnie Dlamini is a sex worker in new podcast episode <p data-wpview-marker=


He further went on to say that “nobody in their right minds would marry an ’it’ girl”.

“Slik Talk was right. It girls will do whatever it takes to secure the bag … but in life you will never have the biggest bag, which means your ’it’ girl is always up for sale. You’re can’t wife an ’it’ girl, you just hit and run, that’s it.


Then MacG said nobody in their right mind would marry an IT girl, like Minnie because he thinks these women are only focused on the bag.

Here’s the Video;



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