‘Y’all like attention, tsek’: Somizi & Mohale Hit Back At Claims of Relationship Troubles


Even though the pair got married last weekend, Somizi and Mohale’s relationship is still under the microscope.

The pair shut down the social media streets with their lavish ceremony on Saturday, and Somizi sent Mohale 100 roses on Wednesday to celebrate 100 hours of being married.

Mohale shared a snap of the flowers on social media, but soon faced questions about whether he would do the same for his bae.

Mohale put one follower in his place, telling him to stop looking for attention.

“Who said I haven’t? Y’all like attention. Tsek,” he said.

Meanwhile, Somizi was also under fire on social media on Thursday, after he posted a video of the couple getting ready to head for a mini-vacay.

Fans zoomed in on Mohale and said he looked offish and disinterested.

Somizi lambasted the haters, asking who died and made them the judge of how people should react.

“For f**k sakes. It’s 5.45am, we just woke up. What the f**k do you expect him to be doing? Be jumping for joy because we are going away? Can you guys leave him alone?! Cut him some slack.

“It’s really annoying now. I know my man better than you all. These comments are really tiring. And who died and made you judges of character and personalities. Show me your excitable partners then.”

This is not the first time fans have come after Mohale for apparently not showing enough love for Somizi.

They dragged him for appearing “cold” and disinterested about their wedding preparations on Somizi’s reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi.

Somizi clapped back at the haters, telling them they knew nothing about the pair’s relationship.

“Most of you who are busy saying things about him would not hesitate taking his place should the opportunity arise. You never think that someone like him can love someone like me genuinely. You always place material gains in everything. And even if that was the reason, so what? Am I complaining? [You’re] busy saying he’s using me for money. Hayi suka niyakhathaza,” he said.


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