Watch! Strong Sbahle Mpisane  Learns To Walk Again; here is what she wrote


We don’t think we’ve seen anything more inspirational than Sbahle Mpisane working hard to get her normal life back.

The fitness guru has been sharing training videos on her Instagram and it’s as inspirational as it gets. There’s no better words than strong woman to describe Sbahle and the latest video she shared will prove just that.

The beauty shared a video of herself learning to walking again without support being cheered on by her personal trainer.

“For the past couple of months, without much success, I’ve been attempting to at least take 1 step. Yesterday my mum managed to make me take 3 steps, and it took a whole hour. I cannot describe how mentally challenging it was! Today Zain encouraged me to try take a walk without focusing on the pain I’m facing. For some miraculous reason, calling my bodyguard to come take a video of me, made me mentally ready to walk and record this milestone,” Sbahle shared.

Watch the inspirational video below.


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