Watch: Enhle Mbali shares her affectionate video with Cathy Guetta amidst cheating allegation

Just three days after DJ Black Coffee poured cold water on rumours about him cheating on Enhle Mbali, Enhle has broken her silence on the matter.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Monday morning, Enhle posted a video where she and Cathy, her husband’s business partner, can be seen being very affectionate towards each other.

In the video captured by a fan, Enhle repeatedly kisses Cathy on the cheek while uttering: “Cathy is the sweetest, sweetest.”

In the caption, Enhle explains how she was invited to Cathy’s restaurant.

“@cathyguetta has me in her restaurant @turquoisebyguetta wall of game,” she wrote.


Although fans were relieved to see that Cathy and Enhle are cool, some fans pointed out that the video was shot “last July.”

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