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WATCH: Engaged and ready to wed – Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don reveal all

After months of speculation, Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don have finally confirmed to Channel24 that they are indeed in a relationship. Not only that, the couple say that they are engaged and ready to wed soon.

Sitting down for an exclusive chat in our Johannesburg studio on Thursday, singer Kelly Khumalo told us about the first time she laid eyes on Chad.

“When I first knew about Donovan (Chad’s real name), I saw his picture, and I was like, ‘Woah, who is that?'”

Kelly says she immediately knew that Chad would be the perfect fit for the male lead in her Dance Comigo video which she later cast him in.

Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don have finally confirmed to Channel24 that they are indeed in a relationship.


Sitting next to the singer with his hand caressing her knee every now and again, Chad gave a little smirk as Kelly explained what it was about him that she found so captivating.

“He was very upfront; he told me exactly what he wanted. He said, ‘listen, I understand you’ve been through a lot, you’ve seen a lot, and I’m a different type of man. I want to make a wife out of you. I want your children to be my children. I want to be by your side every day.'”

It was not always smooth sailing though. The couple admits that the relationship came to a halt when they decided to call it quits for a short while. The split lasted for one month, with Kelly describing their time apart as “tormenting”.

There was, however, some good that came from it – a musical collaboration called Gcwala.

“It’s kind of inspired by the breakup,” Chad explained. “Even though we planned it (the song), it’s like the breakup made it more powerful and (made it) actually happen.”

The public got their first taste of the track when it was released on Friday, 5 April.

Of course, we also had to ask about those matching tattoos. Kelly says it’s a sign that they are “tied to one another forever”.

We know what you’re thinking: is that code for “engaged”? According to Chad, yes, it is. He adds that it does not rule out the possibility of another formal engagement.

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