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Watch: Dineo Ranaka Reveals She’s Not Getting Financial Help From Her Kids’ Fathers

The media personality has always been candid whether on her her reality show, on TV or radio, she keeps it honest.

In a recent interview with MacG, Dineo got candid about where her life is now and how much that has to do with her job at Metro FM which she has had for two years now. In explaining that, Dineo also shared that she’s raising her kids alone, financially.

Asked if her beautiful life is because of that Metro FM money, Dineo got candid saying it completely changed. Dineo shared that before she got the Metro FM gig she was only focusing on her TV reality show at the time which was not paying much. The mother of two added that the Metro FM gig also opened doors and changed how brands viewed her.

“Metro FM money partly, God’s money largely. I’ve been blessed. I’m not going to be out here and pretend like Metro FM hasn’t changed my life. Metro FM has flipped my life over, not just my life but my family’s life, my children’s life. Metro FM has put the spotlight that my career desperately needed at the time. You know, I was very relaxed, I was busy doing whatever I was doing. That time I’m a single mom, I’m not getting any financial support from any of my baby daddies nothing whatsoever, and I’m not playing them down but I’m talking about my real truth,” she said.

Now the all rounder personality is killing many roles as a radio host, actress, events MC and club DJ.

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