Video: Umlando dance was manufactured by devil created from the pit of hell, So many girls all over the world have hosted that demon – Nigerian Pastor

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Ever done the umlando dance challenge which went viral on all social media platforms? This Nigerian pastor deems the dance demonic and sent social media users into a frenzy.


Popular “Umlando” dance is said to be manufactured by the demon. Video of a pastor talking about his recent revelation surfaced on the internet and it’s successfully garnered people’s attention. The clergyman said lots of girls have hosted the demon, especially the Tik Tok users.

“There was this dance that came newly, of dancing with back. I saw that dance in the realms of the spirit. The Lord took me there, I saw how the demons manufactured that dance style, and unleashed that dance into the atmosphere, into the media. So many girls all over the world have hosted that demon,” he said.


South African Dance Step, Umlando, Was Created By Demons - Clergyman Says (video)


The dance craze grew with many Tik Tokers sharing their versions of the dance and other stars made the dance grow popular as well.

“Guess what? So many girls all over the world have hosted that demon. So in their so-called slightest TikTok, they wear something tight and then…” he continued.


Here’s the Video:



The originator of the dance challenge, Toss, had struggled with depression and had taken the decision to move away from the spotlight. “My career is doing amazing, kodwa my personal life iyakhabatheka (My personal life is affected). Have a few things to sort out personally so ngizoba off for is’khath (I will be off for some time).

“Hade for any inconveniences to ama promoter and nabantu who want to cav me rock my mental health iza k’qala bafwethu (My mental health comes first), I’ll be back to operate with you guys soon for now ithi ngiyo thola usizo (let me get some help)!!! Nisale niba Qhamela, ngiyan’ncanywa,” he wrote.


Do you believe what the Pastor said?


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