Who exactly is Lancoco’s Petal? Laconco finally talks about him at the #RHOD Reunion; Here’s all you need to know about the truth behind LaConco and ‘Petal

lancoco petal ‘Real Housewives of Durban.

The drama has reached its peak on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) after Annie Mthembu called out Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco about her “friend” Petal – on the latest episode of the series


The reality star came clean on her relationship with “Petal” on part two of the RHOD reunion which aired on Showmax.  She revealed that he is a “bestie” and they have a friendship not a relationship, when the host Donovan Goliath asked.


“He is breathing very well in flesh and blood. He’s alive so he is definitely a guy that I met and liked the character,” she said.

“So, I can call it a bestie,” she continued.

“He’s a friend?” asked Donovan.

“Yeah,” she responded.


LaConco refused to give any information and the ladies thought they needed to know more about her because they were friends.

“He is my bestie. Finish and klaar, full stop. I am tired of this. Jojo and Annie thought the flowers were fake. LaConco said that she did not owe anyone any explanations about her love life. Petal is my bestie, that’s all.”

“They expect me to explain. You can’t force anyone to talk. She must just respect that I will talk when I feel like it,” she continued in her piece to camera.



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However, she did open up to Mabusi Seme in a private chat. She revealed that she is in a “situationship” with Petal. A situationship is defined as a romantic or sexual relationship which is not considered to be formal or established.

“I don’t think there’s a romantic involvement between Petal and me or something I can label and say this is what it is,” she said before hinting they have chemistry.

“Tell them you are in a situationship,” said Mabusi.


LaConco had told the ladies a few things about Petal, who lives in Jojo’s estate. So, Jojo had done some digging and informed Annie that he is not who LaConco says he is.

“We’ve all been questioning the whole petal thing. So anyway, I mean Petal stays in my estate. Basically I find out that Petal definitely does not own a yacht and from what I hear he is also… or was also, at some point looking for a roommate,” said Jojo.

“What I know… Petal isn’t exactly as rich as LaC says… which is weird because she never should have said anything. There’s no pressure,” she continued.

“I know where he works and who he works for. He is not the owner of the company,” she continued.


In all this, are you guys sure there’s some Petal somewhere or Lancoco is just faking it?


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