‘All She Does Is Post Bikini Photos’ – South Africans Descend on Miss SA, Shudu for Always Posting Only Bikini Photos

Miss South Africa 2020, Shudufhadzo Musiḓa, has become a topic of discussion amongst social media users, as they believe she has chosen to use her platform to flaunt her body


Miss SA 2020, Shudufhadzo Musiḓa, took to Instagram on Monday, 18 January 2021, to share a post of her workout routine, with the assistance of her personal trainer, Sam Ryder.

The post also included a series of visuals showing the reigning Miss SA posing in a swimsuit, which highlighted her curves. Shudufhadzo has been known to share baring images of herself on her social media pages, and has often topped the Twitter trends list for such.

Some South Africans have now taken to Twitter to express their grievances on the content that she chooses to post, as they have noticed that she has shared a fair amount of swimsuit pictures.

Some have also claimed that Shudufhadzo has yet to publicly comment on national issues or motivate her followers in any way, with many labelling her as a social media influencer, rather than an inspirational figure.


One user commented, “South Africa is in the middle of a crisis and our Miss SA is busy serving us half-n*ked n*des, no motivation or positive input of our current state of affairs in the country!!!” Another user claimed, “I am disappointed at how she says nothing but only post n*ked photos. We seem like we don’t have a Miss SA this year but [an adult star.



Many found it really offensive for her to be seeing her nudes to the world instead of advising the youths and work on the development of the country.

As so many kept on dragging her, some saw nothing wrong with her showing off some parts of her body.

Shudufhadzo is currently trending on Twitter as many shared their views on the issue.



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