Social Media Users Descend on 27-year old Sithelo Shozi For Dating 20-Year old, Shauwn Mkhize’s Son, Andile Mpisane & Also Getting Pregnant For Him!

Age is nothing but a number, some would say. However, other people have limits and boundaries when it comes to the age factor in a relationship. As much as they can date a younger or older person, it has to be within a certain age difference.


At the moment Twitter is buzzing over Sithelo Shozi and Andile Mpisane’s relationship. This Valentines Day, Sithelo received a Rolex watch, that comes at an expensive price tag from Andile. Sithelo, Andile’s baby momma, is a 27-year-old DJ and an influencer. The other day Sithelo went all out for Andile’s 20th birthday celebration, gifting him a Playstation 5 and a pair of Nike sneakers.


She also shared a rare pictures of her and Andile sharing a kiss. The couple also have a baby girl together, who always gets spoiled with extravagant gifts.



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The fact that the renowned DJ and influencer started dating Andile when he was only 17 years old and got pregnant by him when he was 18 has her intentions questioned.

Many have labeled Sithelo, who is 7 years older than Andile a predator. One tweep, who goes by the handle, @Zoemkoena, joined a number of social media users who are dragging Sithelo.

Predators,I’m 22 and I wouldn’t date Andile,” Zoe said about women who say they will date Andile.


Here are some comments from Twitter Users;



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Ladies, would you date a guy you are 7 years older than?


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