Are they Back Together? Sjava Shares Photos of Himself and Lady Zama Sitting In A Car Together; Check them Out

Sjava and Lady Zama have had public brawls which saw the two becoming unpopular.

During his rape and abuse allegation Sjava lost several gigs and became unpopular. It was even reported that the covid-19 made things worse to an extent that he had to relocate to stay with his parents.

Pictures: Sjava and Lady Zama back together?


Well guess what, Sjava  took to hia Twitter page and shared a photo of him together with Lady Zamar sitting in a car. After sharing the picture with a heart emoji, where Sjava is staring at the woman looking like a lovesick puppy, his followers went crazy.

The picture has since flooded social media platforms. Mzansi weighed into the matter with its two cents and several people do think that Sjava and Zamar might have kissed and made up.



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