Sho Madjozi’s #JohnCena Sparks Viral Trend, Goes Worldwide Challenge & Here’s What John Cena thinks of Sho Madjozi after she named a track after him


Sho Madjozi’s John Cena has been tearing up these streets ever since she debuted the track on international music platform Colors on August 16.

Apart from raking in more than one million views on YouTube, it has also sparked the viral #JohnCena Twitter trend.

Sho has been applauded for being proudly African and for her lyrical talent.

Reaching more than a million views has not been the only highlight for Limpopo Champions League‘s very own. She also received a shout-out from the man himself, professional wrestler John Cena.

Overwhelmed by the love she has received from fans worldwide, Sho said: “I just love you guys because you are doing the most on a song that is literally from a performance video. The world is ours, trust me!”

Here’s a glimpse of the #JohnCena challenge that is heating up the social media streets.

Just days after putting the world in a chokehold with her performance on Colors, Sho has received a shout-out from the WWE wrestler she named the song in her performance after.

Sho dropped the fire track, John Cena, on the prestigious music platform late last week and within hours was the topic of conversation around the world

The WWE also shared the love, writing a short feature on the star and hyping her up.


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