I Stay in JHB, Seeing my boyfriend going back to Cape Town is breaking my heart – Lasizwe Cries

After a whirlwind romantic Valentine weekend getaway and a week of loving each other publicly, Lasizwe and his new Bae have now parted ways.


It all began 24hours ago when the reality star posted a series of really sad and emotional texts on his Instagram Story, which read: “It’s only hitting me now. He is gone” and “This is the first guy who was not ashamed to love me publicly, and now he is gone.”


Lasizwe tweeted, Seeing my boyfriend going back to Cape Town is breaking my heart.”


A lot of his fans were relieved that the two are not breaking and will only be in a long-distance relationship, with of his followers telling him to move to Cape Town or ask him to move to Johannesburg, while others secretly wished that the reality star wouldn’t have been so dramatic about it, as they thought he was being dumped again or something worse had happened between them.



A fan replied: “Go with him sweedie.” to which he replied: “I can’t I am based in JHB! My life is in JHB and I has so much work.”



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Here are some of his followers replies:
“Ask him to come and stay with u.”
“sorry babes.”
“Mlobole phela, azohlala unemphelo.”


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