Screenshots: ‘Your precious Zulu man Sjava is a Liar, Cheater, He Has Abused Me Physically, Sexually & More – Lady Zamar Makes Explosive Claims Against Sjava; Here They Are

Lady Zamar says the abuse she suffered in the hands of Sjava left her believing she was going crazy.

Musician Lady Zamar has finally broken her silence on social media about the alleged verbal and sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-lover.

She also addressed rumours of her past relationship with a married man.

She said: “You guys are exhausting man. I’ve been saying… Your precious Zulu man is a liar and a cheater. Cheers to every person that didn’t believe me when I told them that that nigga’s married.. coz in your face.. mxm y’all are exhausting.. now y’all wanna drag me coz I didn’t know?”

It seems Sjava’s mother, Thandi Nkabinde, opened a can of worms on Sunday evening at her son’s One Night With Sjava concert after introducing a woman on stage as her daughter-in-law.

“I don’t want to hear anyone ask anything about who Sjava is dating,” she was quoted as saying in City Press.

This was a shocker to his fans, who did not know he was married and because of his past two-year relationship with Lady Zamar, which seems to have ended on a sour note.

Now Lady Zamar has opened up about a past relationship with a married man, and social media users were left speculating as to who the married man was.

Sjava and Lady Zamar have been trending since.

“I was never a side anything because I didn’t know,” said Lady Zamar.

Some social media users have been insulting Lady Zamar for dating a married man, questioning how she didn’t know her ex-lover was married, and now she has broken her silence because she is “exhausted”.

Lady Zamar said she felt disrespected when she was invited to perform at her ex-lover’s event, after finding out the wife was also coming.

She also opened up about having being sexually abused, lied to and cheated on.

She said: “I was abused (verbally and once sexually) and used… I was lied to and cheated on. Did I know? No. Did people tell me who knew? Yes, some… got inboxes and calls .. Did I ask? Yes. Did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Yes. Did they protect him? His friends? Yes.”

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