FORMER president Jacob Zuma was nowhere to be seen when the ANC campaigned in the Musa Dladla region near Empangeni, in northern KZN, yesterday.

According to the media invitation to the event, Zuma was supposed to join ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule.

When contacted, Zuma’s spokesman Vukile Mathabela said: “I think there was miscommunication from Luthuli House because he is expected at party campaigns in Durban and Pietermaritzburg then.”

WHen he met residents, Magashule said the ANC would work hard after the election to make sure their expectations were met.

He said they were pleased to hear complaints.

“We are happy you are sharing this with us.

“We hear you.

“We promise we are going to work harder to ensure we deliver.

“We are going to ensure a lot of service delivery for the next 25 years.”

Among the things residents said they urgently needed was water, proper sanitation and jobs.

One resident told Magashule all she wanted was a flushing toilet and running water in her house.

“I am now approaching old age and soon it is going to be difficult for me to go outside when I need the toilet.

“When I get weak, I would love to have a flush toilet in my house,” she said.

“I can feel the strength slowly leaving my body.

“Running water in our houses is going to make life a lot easier for people like us who are approaching old age.”

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