[Photos]: Sammy Sosa Lehoko Appreciates Her Man!


Unlike many celebrities, Sammy Sosa is quite open about the people that are important in her life – including romantic partners.

The mother of one’s Instagram page has a variety of the people in her life, including her mother, brothers and son.
Recently, her followers have been treated to some loved up snaps of herself and her boyfriend.

Sammy Sosa, whose real name is Samantha Lehoko, is back in the entertainment industry after taking a hiatus. It seems the break yielded some really positive results for the media star. A true sense of self, appreciation and gratitude are just some of the awakening episodes that Sammy experienced.

Another aspect of Sammy’s life that is having a radiant and positive impact on her is her romantic relationship with her partner.

Taking to Instagram, Sammy posted a photo of herself and bae, followed by a sweet and sincere caption.

“Our love is greater than ANYTHING…. I thank The Almighty.”

When the year 2019 commenced, the number of celebrity break ups was quite alarming, but of late we have seen love brew in these celeb circles.



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This is what happiness looks like…

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