Photos: Here Are 8 Times AKA’s New Girlfriend, Nelli Tembe Proved She Is The One, And Why AKA Loves Her Soo Much!

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AKA’s girlfriend Nelli Tembe is goals, and she always has her bae’s back. The Durbanite has been romantically linked with the rapper for over 8 months now, and their love is all sorts of inspirational for many people.

The lovebirds recently left many social media users breathing through the wound when they took over Cape Town for a much-needed relaxation time after AKA finished his much anticipated upcoming project Bhovamania


So Here ARe the Reasons that Proves She’s the One, and why AKA loves her to bits;


  1. She’s a Private Person;

AKA and his girlfriend Nelli Tembe. Picture: Instagram


Rapper AKA has let fans know that he is enjoying every moment of dating a woman who isn’t a celebrity for the first time in more than a decade.

So AKA’s fans wanted to know if he would have his current girlfriend make an appearance in the music video for “Cross My Heart”. Although Nelli chooses to remain private about a lot of things she is very committed to supporting her bae and we stan!

“Not a chance. She’s very private. First non-celebrity I’ve dated since uhm 2008,” AKA said.


2. She is a great cook.


There is nothing more sweeter than having a makoti who knows how to prepare a scrumptious meal. In a Tik Tok video they recently did, they revealed that Nelli’s culinary skills are better than those of her counterpart. The couple is no stranger to romantic dates and every time they head out they make sure their dates are sizzling and they have many salivating, proving that they know finer things in life.


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