Photos: Here are 6 South African Celebs Who Went Back To Their Exes

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 Celebrity breakups can be nasty and public but the very same people can re-couple leaving fans who had taken sides looking like fools.

After breakups some publicly move on to new partners and other celebs live their best single lives. But these celeb couples found their way back to each other’s arms. Some are still together and some broke up for good after giving it a second chance.

Whether you think it’s toxic or nah, these recoupling celebs will have you thinking about an ex you have no business losing sleep over. Check out the list below.

AKA and DJ Zinhle

After a public and nasty breakup, moving on to date other people, AKA and Zinhle taught us to mind our own business when they got back together and made it official in an Instagram LIVE with the President.


Pearl Modiadie

Pearl once went back to her fiance Nkululeko because she didn’t want to feel like she never tried to work things out. She later broke off the engagement again and moved on to her new, current boo.

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