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Photos: Amber Rose is pregnant with baby no.2 – no jokes!

While fans across the world are still reeling from that fake Justin Bieber pregnancy prank, Amber Rose and her boo AE have revealed that they’re expecting a baby together.

Both Amber and her boo took to social media to announce that they’re expecting a baby boy together. They shared how excited they are and how Sebastian – Amber’s son with rapper Wiz Khalifa – is super excited to be a big brother.

“AE and I are super excited to announce that we have a sweet little baby boy on the way! P.S Sebastian is so happy to be a big brother!” Amber shared.

AE’s excitement was also evident in his post, which even included some poetry and comedy built in.

“Even when it’s dark.. my son will shine. Thank you baby for my greatest gift. S*** is wild! I love you. I can’t wait to thug it out with my baby boy. And baby boy, I promise I won’t get mad if your first words are “where the b****s at?”(joking! No hyper-masculinity)”

They shared the news with a cute snap of Amber during her doctor’s appointment.

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