Pearl Modiadie Shares 10 More Unseen Photos of Her Baby Bump With Kuku Flesh Even Showing, She Descends On Fans Attacking That The Photos Are Too Revealing

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Award-winning TV host and new mom, Pearl Modiadie has taken a moment to quickly put haters in their place and she is not here for any negative energy, simply unfollow, block, or get off her social media platforms if you feel anything against her.



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… wish I could take emotions from a picture and feel them all over again. I was about #32weekspregnant here 🤰🏾

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She just shared some cute pregnancy photos and it seems there are some people who felt some type of way towards them. Apparently some people find the snaps to be a bit much as the radio host addressed the issue via her Instagram story telling those who can’t fathom seeing a bare belly, to just keep it moving because that energy isn’t welcome.


In response, she took to her Instagram stories and wrote;

““Hi, If you can’t stand seeing a bare pregnant belly, you’re welcome to get off my page! Unfollow…block. Your negative comments are not welcome here! Also, stop feeling so entitled, I don’t owe you anything!.””


Pearl Modiadie attacked for her Pregnancy photos, Fans think she is revealing too much


Well, here are More of her Baby Bump Photos;






There Are More Unseen Baby Bump Photos With Kuku Flesh Showing; Go to the Next Page for More; Click on Next

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