Pearl Modiadie Opens Up About Her Heartbreak That Left Her Living In A Hotel; here is what happened

 The media personality broke off her engagement with her ex Fiance for the second time a year ago.

Now that she has moved on and happily in love again, she took to twitter sharing the rough patch she had in her life after the breakup. Pearl shared that they had to cancel a property purchase and that left her living with her sister.

“I was heartbroken this time last year. There was a change of plans in my love life & we had to cancel a property purchase.I moved in with my sister’s family for a week then lived in a hotel for a couple of months. I move into my home in less than a month. Setbacks are temporary,” Pearl shared.

We love how time after time, Pearl never gives up on life and picks up the pieces to carry on and kill it. Also, if we’re going to go through heartbreak, we might as well do it whilst living in a hotel. Such goals!

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