Ntando Duma hits back at trolls who says She’s paid to be an EFF member; Here is What She Said

Media personality Ntando Duma is totes over being bashed for her public political affiliation to the EFF, and made it clear she isn’t bothered by people’s conclusions.

The mother of one, who is a proud EFF member, has never shied away from praising the party. She recently expressed her well wishes for the party to prosper in the future.

However, it seems her devotion left a bitter taste for some EFF followers who claimed Ntando is paid to be a member of the party while other people, who actually do the work on the ground, weren’t so lucky.

One tweep said while other members were hard at work doing door to door campaigns, Ntando was being paid just to be a member of the EFF, like a brand ambassador.

Sis was not there for such conclusions and  took to her Twitter to shut them down.

“Your guys’ obsession with me and my affiliation with the EFF is now starting to become extremely weary. To even write an entire paragraph with groundless and unjustified facts,” she said.

Ntando said they were welcome to continue if the obsession contributes meaningfully to their lives.

“But if this puts bread on your table, then who the hell am I to make you starve. Eat. Don’t starve mntase.”

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