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‘Never Kill Mosquitoes; They Just Need Blood To Feed Their Babies’ – Animal-rights Activist

Renowned French animal-rights activist identified as Aymeric Caron has urged people to stop killing mosquitoes.

In his view, these mosquitoes need the blood they suck to feed their offsprings adding that people should take it like their donating their blood to the mosquitoes anytime they are bitten.

He labeled the killing of mosquitoes as “embarrassing for anti-specists who realize they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her children.

Anti-specists are people who argue that all species should be treated equally.

Mr. Caron, who describes himself as an anti-specist, says he always allows himself to be bitten by mosquitoes, except in Africa, where there is a risk of catching malaria.

He was captured in a video saying; “One can consider that a blood donation from time to time to an insect who is only trying to nourish her children is not a drama.”

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