Photos & Video: Mzansi Disppointed In Mohale’s Cake To Somizi On His Birthday; Applauds How Vusi Celebrated Somizi

Mohale, his husband and Vusi Nova are all trending after an interesting series of events from Somizi’s birthday…


It seems as if social media will find any reason to stir up controversy these days, even during the happiest of times. We saw evidence of this on Wednesday and Thursday this week during Somizi’s birthday celebrations as Twitter detectives whipped out their magnifying glasses and began amplifying every little detail of his party with a particular focus on two very important people in his life: Mohale and Vusi Nova.

Now, Vusi posted a video on Instagram of him in a very celebratory mood. In the video Vusi dances along while showing off a birthday cake he bought for Somizi.

In the caption he wrote: “Celebrating the realist.”

Twitter goes wild with Mohale and Vusi Nova comparisons



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Social media users could not help but notice that Somizi spent more of his birthday with his close friend Vusi, than he did with his hubby Mohale – who was in attendance, but certainly not in the spotlight.

In fact, some users went as far as comparing the cakes and the balloons that were bought for Somizi by both gentleman, with the general consensus that Vusi appeared to have put more effort into his choices than Mohale did.

What a mess! Tweeps are asking why Vusi bought Somizi a birthday cake, when Mohale already got him one. Tweeps went as far as comparing both the cakes to see which is better.




Somizi and Vusi have been the talk of the Twitter streets for being “unusually” close over the last few months, leaving Twitter puzzled about his relationship with his husband, Mohale.

Some fans believe that Somizi and Mohale’s relationship is on the rocks due to his super close friendship with Vusi Nova. The theory has gained so much ground that people even compared the way Vusi and Mohale celebrated Somizi on his birthday.


Weighing in on both cakes, many social media users agreed that Vusi’s one looked more sincere.

Twitter user 2sly Sanele said: “Vusi…simple gorgeous cake not that billboard”

mthoko_shange said: “I see goldigging tendencies on that 2nd frame”

KutlwanoPrince2 said: “I see Vusi Nova being the second wife next year and Mzansi magic doing a reality show on them. Should I go deeper??”

Ketura60201995 said: “I’m with Mohale. I really don’t like what is happening to him. You should never compete with anyone for when coming to your spouse” 


Which of the Cakes would you go for? That of Vusi or Mohale?


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