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“I carry Condom along with me everywhere i go’ – Enhle Mbali speaks on sleeping with a Married man; as both of them threaten Lawsuit

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Valentino accused Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa of being a home wrecker and sleeping with her husband for a couple of years now.


After the leaked audio call, Justice Huni denied cheating on his wife Valentino Bango with actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. Both the married and Enhle Mbali says, they have started “Legal proceedings in proceedings in progress. We reserve our right not to comment or engage at this time, till further notice,” read the post.

This comes after  his wife Valentino, caused quite a stir on social media when she leaked private chats between him and Enhle.



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The businessman has debunked the cheating allegations leveled against him and said Enhle was covering up for him. Despite the leaked damning WhatsApp conversation that his wife allegedly had with Enhle where the actress agreed to join the couple in a polygamous marriage, Justice maintains he is a friend and a business associate with Enhle.

“I categorically deny everything stated about Enhle pertaining to the nature of mine and Ehle’s relationship. She, unfortunately, got herself into a messy issue and as a friend, she covered for me unaware it would lead to this unfortunate event,” he stated according to IOL.



Justice Huni


DJ Black Coffee’s estranged wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has admitted to being in a relationship with a married man, Justice Huni, and has expressed her willingness to be his second wife.


Enhle acknowledged having an affair with Justice and discussed their sexual intimacy in the audio that was leaked.

As Valentine inquires about whether Enhle and Justice engaged in sexual intimacy, the topic of intimacy also came up.

“I have condoms in every facet of my world. In my car right now there are condoms,” she replied.


You are a home wrecker' - Enhle Mbali accused of ruining a happy marriage


Enhle also responded when questioned about entering their marriage as a second wife by saying “I’m not even divorced yet, how will I ask for something like that?”

In the call, Enhle pours her heart out about her willingness to be in the polygamous marriage and how she understands that Valentino was not willing to have her as a sister wife. In the conversation with the former Isibaya actress and TV personality, Valentina mentions how displeased she is with the fact that Enhle and her husband were carrying on with their relationship even though she did not agree to isithembu

“You were hurt when you spoke to me. I know that feeling. It is not a feeling I want anyone to go through. Which is why I kept silent, and I took it in, and I took your pain,” she says. “I completely understood where you were coming from. I’ve been thinking back, and I was like, you know what, ok let’s try. From that trying, I was telling him that I was asking a lot of questions with regard to what it entails to be in Isithembu.” Enhle goes on to tell Valentina that she had done some research about polygamy, and she knows what she is signing up for.




Local actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa is currently a hot topic on Twitter after Valentine Bango upped her game and released a recording of a call between her and the actress.


An angry Valentine Bango has taken to social media to pour her heart out and speak about how has wrecked her marriage.

In a long post, she claims that her husband wanted to take Enhle as his second wife, but she blatantly refused. “So, have something very painful to say,” she starts off. “Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and my husband Justice Huni has been having an affair for years. They have been keeping this secret and this year they finally decided to tell me,” Valentino details. “They decided to tell me because they wanted her to join our marriage as a second wife. They tried to make their affair look pretty. Unfortunately, you can’t turn dirt into gold.”


The woman said that she only found this out after the two lovers and decided to tell her about their illicit affair because they wanted Mlotshwa to join the marriage as a second wife.




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Those who did not believe Bango’s allegations were left with dropped jaws after hearing a leaked audio between the two women.


According to Valentine, when her husband was broke 12 years ago, Enhle did not want him. She allegedly proceeded to cut all communication with him at the time.

However, with her marriage to the Grammy award-winning DJ and father of her two boys over, Valentine claimed the actress now wants to be Justice’s second wife.

To validate her claims, she shared personal text chats she said were between Enhle and her husband.


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