Cheatani wethu girls (Go Ahead And Cheat), Men aren’t worth any Loyalty – Mihlali Ndamase Tells Ladies

Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has ruffled a lot of feathers as Twitter is still buzzing following her controversial comments about men not being “worth any loyalty”.


Taking to Twitter on Sunday, she encouraged women to cheat.

Ndamase wrote: “Cheatani wethu girls (go ahead a cheat), men aren’t worth any loyalty.”



The comment clearly didn’t sit well with a lot of cishet men, who started to come for her, urging her to stop misleading women while she was probably in a good relationship with her man.

Women, on the other side, jumped to Ndamase’s defence, insisting those men have been cheating, so why couldn’t women follow suit, resulting in a heated Twitter debate.

“Beyonce was saying “leave the cheating bustard” but went ahead and gave Jay twins then Cardi B was saying “she doesn’t cook and clean” but few days we saw that it is not true. Go ahead and take Mihlali’s advise, “ commented one Twitter user.



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Mihlali has been trending all because of this tweet, with some girls on her side and men are angry about this. Mihlali tweets always keep men on their toes but it’s not like she is not looking for her soulmate.

In one of her tweets she wrote” Believing in that other gender is nice tho, you never give up on love. You get hurt? Pick yourself up and try again sana. Always ready to catch and fall again, soze ndigive upe as long as ekhona amadoda emhlabeni I will find my soulmate “



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