Lerato Sengadi Opens up About Her Wedding Ring No Longer Fitting


HHP’s widow and well-known publicist, Lerato Sengadi has shared how heartbreaking it was when her wedding ring became too loose for her to wear.

“A few weeks ago I had something traumatic happen to me. As mundane as it may have seemed, it was super shocking and heart breaking. I woke up one morning, got ready for work and as I was putting on my beautiful ring that Motho gave me, it literally slid off my finger. Like slid all the way off!

“My once perfectly fitting, specially selected, symbol of love had now become so big that if I wore it I would definitely lose it. I stood there and looked at my naked ring finger.”

Lerato added that it hit her like a ton of bricks that she could no longer wear her ring.

“My Motho isn’t here. His physical symbol of love could no longer be a daily part of me.”

Lerato said as traumatic as the moment was, she survived and she wanted to share her story to show other women just how strong they are.

“Celebrate your victories. No matter how small and mundane they may seem to others. You were strong enough to survive life’s daily lashings.”

HHP died in October last year after taking his own life following a lengthy battle with depression.


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