Video: Khanyi Mbau Explains Into Detail how she did the Seks Scene with Mondli Makhoba’s to make it look Real

It’s almost a week now since Khanyi Mbau and co star Mondli Makhoba shook the country with their very explicit sex scene on Showmax telenovela, The Wife.


Khanyi has finally explained how it all happened;

One fan was rather direct, and wanted to know exactly what they mean when they say their “parts” were strapped. Khanyi had a direct answer to that.

“I wore the thinnest T strap underwear you can ever imagine. Camera work allows the illusion for you to think there’s nothing there when there’s everything there. For example, in the scene where he went down on me, there was literally a big camera in the sheets with us,” she explained.


The Wife' sex scene: Khanyi Mbau spills the tea on what really happened


“Even in the scene where you see Nkosana under the sheet talking to me, you thought I was there. I wasn’t there. I was not even in the room when they shot him lying in bed as if they were both there,” she continued.


“There Was No Penetration”

Khanyi Mbau quickly dismissed the allegations that there was penetration during the act.

“First of all, there was no penetration,” she said.

She added that Showmax being a professional entertainment platform wouldn’t allow adult content on their channels so they only resorted to professional acting.


Precautions Taken

Khanyi went on to describe precautionary and regulatory measures the production company (Stained Glass) underwent to come up with the scene.

The actors are tested for Covid and hygiene is prioritized to make sure that any contact between actors does not endanger them, she elaborated.


Mondli was a bit more cagey with his answer, simply saying that acting is a craft, and the fact that so many people across the country believe that the intercourse actually happened, only means that they both did a magnificent job.

The fan was not satisfied with the answer, though, and felt like they went round and round but did not give the direct answer they wanted. To that, Khanyi said they could not betray all the secrets of the craft.

“Just like Macdonald’s cannot tell you what is in their patty, we cannot tell you everything. The secret is in the sauce.”


Lasizwe watches his sister Khanyi Mbau's raunchy s.e.x scene on The Wife - VIDEO | Celebs Now


Khanyi Mbau Added that there is strict usage of ‘green tape’.

“There is a green tape for the characters so there is a safe line. It is something that you will not see, but we see it and the camera guy knows once I look into that, it means he needs to stop. They have gone past my limit of comfort and safety,” she said.

To avoid contact with each other’s genitalia, Mondli and Khanyi Mbau’s body parts were strapped by tape.

Here’s the Video;



But Khanyi claims that only her breasts were left out because she did not mind showing them off on television.

“Because I am Zulu, in my culture nipples are honestly the most natural thing. So in African culture, it shouldn’t be a shock factor”. She claims that this was also to avoid arousing each other’s feelings when looking at each other.


The Wife is trending high on social media as its viewers discuss a spicy love scene between Zandile, real name Khanyi Mbau, and Nkosana, portrayed by Mondli Makhoba.


Some of the viewers of the Showmax telenovela were happy to see their fave couple Mqhele and his wife Hlomu locking lips on the three episodes that dropped this Thursday .

Peeps took to Twitter to share that Zandile and Nkosana’s juicy scene looked so real and is better than some of the scenes on Fifty Shades of Grey.



Taking to Twitter, some viewers thanked the show’s producers for listening to their complaints about a boring storyline last week. Other viewers were also happy to see their fave couple, Hlomu and Mqhele, sharing a kiss. ANother people too feel they’ve taken the storyline too far.



This week’s episodes consisted of something viewers have not seen with local TV productions – and that is fire s*x scenes. Season 2 of The Wife focuses on Nkosana and Zandile, played by Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau, and their love story.

When it first started out, we saw the chemistry between Zandile and Nkosana and the way he talks to her which is very warm and loving. Just how Khanyi Mbau envisioned.

The love is still there but viewers are still unimpressed with the storyline, seeing how Khanyi’s former prison buddies are looking to shake things up.



One thing which stood out though is the bedroom scene between Nkosana and Zandile which raised the bar, because no other local production had attempted to give viewers such R-Rated content.

Do you like this, or it was too much exposure?


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