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Kelly Khumalo confirms she’s still single and searching. Here are her reasons why people don’t believe she’s single

The singer has always been open about her love life but recently she revealed that she is scared to say that she is single because people think she has it all.

Speaking to her BFF, Tami Dish on Touch HD, Kelly said people often don’t believe that she can be single because she is talented and beautiful.

“Everybody goes through things but somehow it becomes taboo when Kelly goes through it. You are even afraid to say, ‘I’m actually single’ because everyone is gonna think, ‘Kelly you have it all. You are beautiful, you are talented’ and I’m like ‘uh ah’,” she said.

The singer also opened up about her struggle with rejection and trust in relationships saying, “I am still struggling with rejection. I cannot deal with rejection. Even in a relationship, if I don’t know how you feel about me, I’m not going to be that girl who tells you upfront how I feel because I am afraid of how you might take it or what if it isn’t reciprocated. Rejection.”

“I don’t trust…I need to trust. For me, I struggle with that. I am probably the only person I trust.”


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