Video: Katlego Maboe Finally Speaks; Admits Cheating On His Wife For The 2nd Time And Giving His Poor Wife STI, And More Revealing Details

Expresso presenter Katlego Maboe is currently embroiled in a cheating scandal following the release of a video on social media that quickly went viral, in which his wife accused him of having an extramarital affair.  Katlego Maboe is involved in yet another cheating scandal, only this time it has been filmed and is circulating on social media. 

His wife posted the video yesterday where she is seen questioning Katlego and eventually forcing a confession from him, the star can be seen to be very devasted by his actions as he even admits who he slept with, live on video.

His brother-in-law made sure to expose the star and also tag all of the companies that he is working with/for. A move, that some tweeps have called an assassination of his career.




In a long written confession, Katlego decided to set the record straight with everyone on his Instagram page and admit to cheating but vehemently deny any abuse allegations.


I was unfaithful to my partner during a very important time of our lives – an act I regret to this day. We are currently undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation which is being resolved through legal proceedings. As you can imagine, separations are quite a difficult thing to deal with, especially with a child involved.

In light of the comments made against me, I would like to state that I have never abused my partner. I have always and will always stand up against the abuse of women and children – in fact, the abuse of anyone for that matter.

I had chosen to deal with this matter privately to protect and safeguard our child. At the end of the day, our child is all that matters to me.

However, I will leave this to the legal system and let the truth have its day.”


So, when a video of Maboe was released, which saw him confessing to not only his infidelity but giving his wife a sexually transmitted disease, many people thought it was scripted and fake.

In the video, you can hear Maboe’s wife asking him whom he slept with. Maboe responds after he is threatened that he may never see his son again if he does not confess to the truth. A woman is then mentioned by the TV personality.

The wife then claims that Maboe gave her an STD, and that it is affecting her chances of having a second child.

Many South Africans were taken aback by the fact that his wife filmed this conversation, but more so people were shocked at Maboe’s behaviour. He has, after all, projected himself to be a very model public figure.

This is not the first cheating scandal that Maboe has been involved in. Back in 2016, he and Lorna Maseko made Sunday tabloid news when pictures from a Durban July afterparty circulated of the two kissing.


Here is the Cheating Video;


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