Jessica Nkosi Shares How Her Family Reacted When She Got Pregnant Before Marriage


If you’ve been following Jessica Nkosi’s career since she had her breakout role on Isibaya, you know how much being a Christian means to her.

She always speaks about the goodness of God in her interviews which made her fans and the public put certain expectations on her. In a recent interview on Metro FM with Pearl Modiadie and Thomas Msengana, Jessica opened up about how she told her mother she was pregnant and how her family received the news considering she was not married.

“My mom was ecstatic. She was so happy, she was like ‘finally… girl you’re 28, when were you thinking of doing this?’,” Jessica shared. The actress revealed she was scared to tell her mother after going back home to Durban to break the news only to tell her when she was leaving to return to Joburg. Jessica said her mom told her she knew the moment she saw her.

“Honestly the conversation of ‘you’re having a child before you get married never came up. I never had that on my shoulders for me to feel bad for having my kid, no way. That seed wasn’t planted in me that your child is a mistake. She’s here and we’re happy and she’s a blessing. So no one at home made me feel like I’m wrong,” Jessica explained.


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