Jessica Nkosi Claps Back At Critics of Her Blonde Hair; Here Is What She Said

Damn! Jessica Nkosi really went in on the person who decided to criticize her hair this time around. The drop-dead gorgeous actress who loves her blonde weaves, took to Instagram, to deliver a lethal clap back after someone apparently made nasty comments about her blonde hair.

It is no secret that the starlet is very sweet, but when it comes to her hair critics mama Nami swiftly draws the line and clap back.

In a series of Instagram stories. Jessica told her hater that there are more important things to worry about than her hair and reiterated that she is not going to change it.

This is not the first time Jessica has opened up about people criticizing her hair and this time around she decided to lash out again.


Yaas girl, talk about teaching people to mind their own business, we love it.

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