I Don’t Need HHP’s Money – Lerato Sengadi Explains Why


Lerato Sengadi is tired of the rumours which suggest that she is trying to get her hands on as much of HHP’s inheritance as possible. The famous publicist has decided that now is finally the time to set the record straight.

In an interview with Tebello Motshwane on YouTube, AKA Your Sister in Law, Lerato opened up about the baseless accusations which have been made by members of the Tambo family who feel as if she is trying to have her way with HHP’s hard-earned money.

Those who have followed the story since HHP died in 2018 will be aware of the numerous clashes that have taken place between the widow and her former in-laws. Simply put, the family has refused to recognise their marriage as a legitimate one and they believe that Lerato is now only in it for financial gain. The outspoken woman of words sat down with Tebello and revealed that this simply isn’t true. Instead she hit back by saying,

“They know better, that I’m not about the money. They know very well that I’ve never asked for his money. In our relationship, money was never the root of it. I have a very good career. I have my own things going on. I’ve always been financially sound. They know it’s not about money… the fact that I worked for my husband for a decade without even a single paycheck”


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