Horror as Senzo Meyiwa’s spirit haunts the Khumalo Sisters; Here is All That’s Happening


THE Khumalo sisters have spoken out about the Senzo Meyiwa murder – but Mzansi people are not hearing any of it.

On e.tv’sMorning Show Kelly said: “People have already decided I’m guilty. Why must I defend myself? Kelly’s sister, Zandi, wrote on Instagram that she felt for the Meyiwa family. But the way they treated my family since the incident, I owe them nothing,” she wrote. She called on the family to move on.

Senzo Meyiwa

“Their anger and abuse is misdirected. Their sense of overentitlement towards my family needs to stop,” Zandi wrote. People bashed the sisters on the Daily Sun Facebook page. Phumzile said: “Senzo’s spirit is haunting them one by one. Godfrey said: “Really, little sister? You were there when he was killed or murdered. You owe evidence to the family and the public. Sorry.

Kelly Khumalo

Mzoxolo said: “The days are numbered for the killers of Senzo Meyiwa. Kenneth said: “Senzo’s family never said you owe them. They just want justice for their son. Senzo’s killer and his protectors, their day is coming.



Zandi denied the claims made in a lengthy social media statement on Tuesday evening.

“On the allegations that he was shot while trying to intervene in a fight between me and my then boyfriend Longwe Twala. I categorically deny that.

“I don’t write this because I feel I owe those who have crucified us any answers. I wrote this because I feel that my name can’t be continued to be dragged through the mud and I keep quiet like I have something to hide.”

Zandi said it was sad that she and her sister, Kelly, had to defend themselves from those “hell-bent on the theory that we are guilty”.

“I wonder if Senzo’s family and the society that says we are guilty really want justice to prevail or they just want to see the Khumalos arrested,” she added.

The star said she had given statements to police and undergone a lie-detector test. Zandi added that if police had evidence to prove her guilty, they should arrest her.

She also slammed Senzo’s family for the way they had allegedly treated her family and said she “owes them nothing”.

“They must never feel entitled to anything else in my life. I understand and feel the pain they are going through but that does not give them the right to abuse us, their anger and abuse is misdirected and this sense of over entitlement they have developed towards my family needs to stop.”


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