Watch: Here is Why Bridget Bema Is Trending, And Here is the Bridget Bema Full Video That Everybody Is Talking About

Bridget Bema is a 9-year-old Kenyan girl who was seen living a carefree stubborn life in a viral video that everyone is watching across Africa and beyond.

For those who don’t know, Bridget’s character was developed by her hitherto better known Dave Chappelle-loving elder brother, Oliver Otieno AKA YY The Comedian. He played the School Administrator in the viral video where Bridget‘s name was reeled for varying misdemeanors ranging from late-coming to noisemaking and bullying.


In this video, students in the school were assembled by their teacher over several complains and it was time for them to be disciplined.

The teacher was holding in his hand a paper which had names of students who are considered the most troublesome in the school.



Bridget Bema’s name fell in the following categories; students who are not in the right school uniform, student who were supposed to sweep and hesitated to do so, noise speakers, bullying, and students who do not obey teachers.

Agreed that having your name penned down for misdemeanors isn’t that much of a novel occurrence. What drove the school assembly content to virality isn’t the dialogue or the shock expressed by the school administrator –  it is the carefree – almost happy actually – manner with which Bridget moved from row to row in open defiance of constituted authority.


Bridget doesn’t care for rules. She is every inch her own ‘woman.’

Well, it seems Bridget Bema discovered the word punishment because her teacher was even shocked after her name was involved in all the scandals in the schools.





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Being called out on the school assembly line for breaking the rule is common in pre-tertiary institutions. But getting summoned for committing multiple offences like some modern-day problem child is a whole level of notoriety that many aspire to, but are too afraid to copy.


That confident, swag-full, carefree, law-breaking attitude is what got us interested in Bridget Bema, the 9-year-old Kenyan girl in the now viral video that everyone is watching across Africa and beyond.



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