Here Are The Types Of Foods You Should Eat In order To Improve Fertility If You Want To Get Pregnant; Check Them Out

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While some couples conceive without a problem, others try for years before getting pregnant.

There are a lot of myths around what both men and women should and shouldn’t do if they want to increase their chances of conception, but a study has found just how much what you eat can have an effect.

Eating Certain Foods Might Help You Get Pregnant, Science Says.

To be clear: You could be the healthiest eater on the planet and still struggle with fertility issues. You could also eat junk and get pregnant on your first try. Your diet isn’t going to magically help you get knocked up — there are a lot of other factors at play, like your age, underlying health conditions, and more.

Still, research has found some correlation between certain foods and a lower frequency of infertility and greater success in infertility treatments like IVF.

Foods That Are Good for Fertility

These are the foods that might help you out if you’re trying to get pregnant:

Fruits and Veggies

For a fertility diet to improve egg quality, load your plate with fruit and veggies. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health of nearly 19,000 women found a higher incidence of ovulatory disorder in women who consumed more trans fats, carbs, and animal proteins.

The antidote? Make sure half your plate at every meal is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. “Watermelon and asparagus, in addition to other raw fruits and vegetables, give the body a rich supply of glutathione, which is important for egg quality,

    • Fatty fish (tuna, salmon)
    • Walnuts
    • Soybeans
    • Fish oil
    • Seafood

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