Must Read: Here are 7 Things A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship; Check them out

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Ah the strong woman. She turns heads wherever she walks and doesn’t take shit from no one.

You’ve met her, I’ve met and we all know how powerful of a character she can be.

She’s more than happy to fly solo but if you are going to date her, then you need to be aware: Lie or be selfish and she’ll cut you off immediately.

She knows what she deserves and she won’t settle for less.

Here are 7 things a strong woman simply won’t tolerate:

1) Disrespect

A strong woman values respect above anything else. She sees the value in everyone and always listens to what people have to say. She knows that everyone has something valuable to offer.

So, when you disrespect someone else’s opinion, let alone her own, she simply won’t have it. It’s a sure fire sign that you’re a complete jerk.

In fact, whenever a strong woman goes on first dates, she pays close attention to how the man treats the waiter. If he’s kind and respectful, she might just see him again. If not, she’s gone to the “toilet” and she won’t come back.

2) Dominating the relationship

Equality is a value that she doesn’t take lightly. It’s the cornerstone to her philosophy on life and how she treats other people.

If you expect her to whim at your every demand, you need to get the hell out.

She has goals she wants to achieve in a relationship.

A strong woman isn’t going to clean all your dishes and make all your food unless you do the same for her. She knows her worth and guess what? Your worth isn’t more than hers.

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