Generation actress, Nomsa Buthelezi Narrates How Her Kids Are Bullied for Having a Lesbian Mom

Nomsa Buthelezi is no stranger to the limelight and knows how to handle any haters who come her way – The feisty presenter has also had to teach her kids how to defend themselves against bullies –

They were recently taunted because Nomsa has a ‘wife’ instead of a ‘husband. Nomsa Buthelezi started off her week by letting her followers know she wouldn’t let any haters in then entertainment industry get her down.

Nomsa told TshisaLIVE that she’s also taught her children to develop thick skin as they were being bullied for having a lesbian mother. She said, “My children and I have a very open relationship and we talk about everything. They understand my s-e-xuality.

Nomsa Buthelezi
Nomsa also detailed how some people thought she only came out as homosexual for attention. She explained, “Living in your truth is not for the faint-hearted. You battle with yourself first and just when you gain confidence, you battle with everyone else who is against who you are. “When I came out, and even today, people said it’s because I wanted attention as a celebrity. I was cursed, insulted and every second word felt like I was being spat on.

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