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Photos & Video: DJ Sumbody’s Tomb has been Revealed after his Burial ; Also Cassper performs MONATE MPOLAYE at the funeral service

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Family, friends and fans gathered at Apel Fourways Cross, Ga-Masemola in Limpopo to bid farewell to Musician and businessman Oupa ‘DJ Sumbody’ Sefoka in an emotional manner.


His tomb has been unveiled, and here it is;




His death sent shock waves across the industry, with famous friends and colleagues paying tribute to him.

The DJ’s memorial was held at Lewende Woord church in Centurion, and he was  remembered as a hard-working, ambitious man who always made things happen.




Death is very painful and the death of DJ somebody has sodium the hearts of many people especially those who have been working with him and also those who knows him closely.

According to Dj Sumbody’s brother, they’ve attempted to take his life three times. This time they’ve succeeded.






To pay tribute to the DJ and music producer, Cassper Nyovest performed one of their songs they both worked titled ‘Monate Mpolaye. Traditionally and also in black communities when someone has passed, his or her friends usually pay respect and tribute by doing exactly what the deceased loved.

In this case DJ Sumbody was into music, so it was only fitting to have a performance or two at his funeral. However, concerns have risen on Twitter where tweeps feel as though Cassper Nyovest performing at the funeral was unnecessary and uncalled for.


From a video shared by the Daily Sun, tweeps were certainly not jumping for joy for Cassper Nyovest’s performance.

“They couldve just played the song, Cassper makes everything about him” wrote Nkululeko Mayisa

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Cassper Nyovest did not waste any more of his time as he took to Twitter to address the trolls calling him out for always making things about himself. Nyovest insert that it was actually DJ Sumbody’s family that requested for the performance, to honor and celebrate the deceased.

“The family asked US to perform the song as a tribute at the memorial and the funeral. I agreed out of respect for the family but yeah “Cassper Makes everything about him.” Leave me the fuck alone man!!! I’m human!!!” wrote Cassper Nyovest



Musician Oupa John Sefoka known as ‘DJ Sumbody’ has died after an incident in Johannesburg this morning, it has been alleged to be a hit.


Musician Oupa John Sefoka known as ‘DJ Sumbody’ has died – after an incident in Johannesburg on Sunday morning.

Details surrounding his death have not been revealed, though many reports on social media suggest that he died in a hail of bullets in Woodmead in Johannesburg.




DJ Sumbody, real name Oupa Sefoka was traveling on Woodmead road when unknown gunmen sprayed his vehicle with a hail of bullets killing him and one of his bodyguards instantly.

A Sandton police officer, who did not want to be named because he is not allowed to speak to the media, said a third person, believed to be DJ Sumbody s second bodyguard, was rushed to hospital in critical condition after bring shot multiple times in the solar plexus.

He was the brain behind the show Mashaedi on the Engage which was broadcast on Tshwane. Here’s why he was killed according to Sources

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