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Screenshots: ‘If you want everything to be spoken of, let’s do it now’ – Enhle Mbali wants 1 on 1 with Black Coffee on CNN TV to air his dirty laundry!


DJ Black Coffee wants air time with arguably the biggest podcast in the world Podcast and Chill kaMacG to tell us more saga on his Ex, Enhle Mbali and now Enhle wants 1 on 1 with him on CNN TV.


She wrote this on Instagram that,

“This guy is too much, I want interview both of us in one room on CNN”

“..If you want everything to be spoken off, let’s do this, be brave enough to come at me straight. Embarrassment has happened already. Give me and my children space please as we complete this polygon of a dilemma.”




Is this a way of Grootman fighting his way out of all those thousands of rands in spousal maintenance that the court ordered him to pay?

In 2020, the court ruled that Enhle only deserves R15 000 a month for spousal maintenance and R50 000 in child support. The actress had demanded that Black Coffee pay her more than R131 000 in monthly maintenance, made up of R80 000 child maintenance for their two minor children, R30 000 for groceries and household items and R17 800 for her beauty cosmetics because she had become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle of luxury cars, holidays and high taste in fashion, and Black Coffee could afford this as he earned R100 million per annum as a DJ.




DJ Black Coffee found himself trending on Twitter after announcing that is ready to be a guest on the popular show, Podcast and Chill.


Black Coffee is not done with his ex Enhle. What we saw and heard about Enhe Mbali ‘s many affairs and polygamy was nothing. Grootman is asking Podcast and Chill to call him to the show to reveal more.

Fans said the internationally acclaimed South African producer has a lot to share especially after the recent Enhle Mbali drama .




DJ Black Coffee’s estranged wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has admitted to being in a relationship with a married man, Justice Huni, and has expressed her willingness to be his second wife.


Enhle acknowledged having an affair with Justice and discussed their sexual intimacy in the audio that was leaked.

As Valentine inquires about whether Enhle and Justice engaged in sexual intimacy, the topic of intimacy also came up.

“I have condoms in every facet of my world. In my car right now there are condoms,” she replied.




Enhle also responded when questioned about entering their marriage as a second wife by saying “I’m not even divorced yet, how will I ask for something like that?”

In the call, Enhle pours her heart out about her willingness to be in the polygamous marriage and how she understands that Valentino was not willing to have her as a sister wife. In the conversation with the former Isibaya actress and TV personality, Valentina mentions how displeased she is with the fact that Enhle and her husband were carrying on with their relationship even though she did not agree to isithembu




“You were hurt when you spoke to me. I know that feeling. It is not a feeling I want anyone to go through. Which is why I kept silent, and I took it in, and I took your pain,” she says. “I completely understood where you were coming from. I’ve been thinking back, and I was like, you know what, ok let’s try. From that trying, I was telling him that I was asking a lot of questions with regard to what it entails to be in Isithembu.” Enhle goes on to tell Valentina that she had done some research about polygamy, and she knows what she is signing up for.


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