Did River Actor Lunga Mofokeng And Lorraine Moropa Break Up?; Here’s What’s Happening


For celebrities going public with your relationship is giving people the right to ask questions that would normally not be their business.

We’ve seen it all thorugh the years how sometimes celebs publicize their relationships to gain more social media following, keep an interest and stay relevant with the masses, for content and of course sometimes it’s true love. Whatever the reasons, when we start noticing some changes, we have to ask.

The River actor Lunga Mofokeng and actress Lorraine Moropa were all went all out for their romance. The young couple would address each other as if they were married. They flooded they respective Instagram pages with boo’d up photos and gushed over each other every other day. But all of a sudden it stopped and then all photos of the other were removed.

So you know we have to ask, did these two call it quits or did they decide to go private with their romance. By the look of things it looks like the much loved couple is no longer a thing. We have to applaud them both for not being messy about it though. We stan amicable splits.


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