Denise Zimba Reveals Baby’s Name & Gender!


Some celebrities are very guarded when it comes issues pertaining the identities of their little ones. Local stars such as television presenter and former beauty queen, Jo-Anne Strauss vowed to never post pictures that reveal the faces of her three children. But we all know how exciting it is when some celebrities post very personal tidbits on social media.

Focusing on the latter batch of celebrities, television presenter, Denise Zimba has kept us out of misery by revealing the full names of her new born baby. The little baby girl’s name is Leah Lilli-Rose Schlichtig. Judging by Denise’s pregnancy updates over the months, it seems this was not an easy journey.

Upon announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, Denise revealed that her doctor stated that her chances of falling pregnant are quite slim because she has a condition called endometriosis. But proving just how inspiring her pregnancy is, her baby daughter was worth it.

Denise wrote a lengthy and heartfelt tribute to her daughter on Instagram. Check out the extraction of it below:

”…How fortunate I am to receive this honor, and my body to actually be able to do this. I look at my nephew and nieces and I couldn’t imagine my life without them, the hugs and kisses I desperately desire from them all the time… And now I have one to call my own. You were worth it! Welcome Leah Lilli-Rose Schlichtig.”


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