Here Are 10 Sure Signs Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating On You; Number 4 is always 100% true; Check them Out



4. She Stops Caring

Women are wired to care about the smallest details about their men and relationships. She cares how many times you call and whether you make time for her. She gets angry with you when you forget those important dates in your relationship and will make a big fuss about it. So when your lady stops caring that you didn’t call and when she doesn’t throw a fit that you forgot all your special dates, then you have cause to worry.


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5.  She Always Finds An Excuse Not To See You.

You know your girlfriend. You would know it if she is genuinely busy or is only trying to avoid you. If you want to take her out every time she always has something to do, you can try visiting her house. If you suggest this and she tells you she is out, something is really wrong with your relationship. No matter how busy a person is, she could not stand not to be with you for a long time if she really loves you.


6. He Does Not Open Up With You Anymore.

A healthy relationship is characterized by trust and openness. You are ought to be comfortable and encouraging with each other. You share your deepest thoughts and even secrets with each other because of trust and longing for comfort. Now, if your boyfriend does not share his feelings or problems with you anymore, then maybe he has already found another shoulder to lean on.



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