Screenshot: Cassper Nyovest gives an honest truth On Why He Won’t Feature On Trevor Noah’s Daily Show anytime soon

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Some West African musicians have found their way onto Trevor Noah’s show.


South African rapper Cassper Nyovest recently revealed why he doesn’t think he will feature on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.

This comes after one of his fans asked him when he was going to grace the Daily Show. @basix_fek asked; When are you going to Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show? @casspernyovest

Responding to his fan, Cassper Nyovest said that he is not famous yet to feature on the Daily Show. He added that his fan base does not spread across the globe like Black Coffee’s.

“I’m not that famous yet. My fan base doesn’t spread as wide as a Black Coffee or Davido in America yet. Don’t know if it ever will to be honest but I’m having fun in my lane,” he wrote.



Cassper Nyovest’s response touched his fans. His fans were not happy with how he was downplaying himself and decided to motivate him by reminding him of all the good things he has achieved so far.

Don’t sleep on yourself Don, find an international Agency and sign to it to expand ur brand. Most artists are managed by Agencies to expand their brands for global stage. Even Black coffee is managed by a brand like Soulistic agency

Don’t look down on yourself Nyovivi

don’t downplay yourself! I remember you breaking records filling up the dome in the early/mid 2010s. mind you, I was watching all of this from The States! keep going! you’re only as big as you let yourself be!


I disagree grootman wena you’re capable nd you have alot of influence and impact in alot of people’s lives truth to be told ”You’re a game changer” and you keep up with trends one thing we like about you

Yho Cassper. Waske wangathi uncamile fondin. It’s not just fan bases that get people on platforms.. its impact too. Bra I’ll never forget how you shook the Global Citizen stage and any other stage I’ve seen you perform. Ion like the way you’re speaking rn fam


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