Boity Thulo and her mom Shares beautiful Sangoma moments In New Photos As They Go For Healing & Prayers; Says No Turning Back!

Boity Thulo and her mother decided to take a trip to the ocean to perform a sangoma ritual together – Boity is proud that she is a sangoma and has followed in her mother’s footsteps – Boity and her mom took to social media to share the beautiful moment and explain their healing and prayers.


Boity Thulo and her beautiful momma took some time to practice their spirituality in one of the purest places, the ocean. Being a sangoma like her mother, Boity feels blessed to be able to share moments like these with her queen.

Taking to social media, Boity shared a few pictures of her and her mother at the beach, preparing to perform some traditional sangoma rituals at the beach.

She posted,

“A love like this. ❤️ “The waters are kind” 🌊🌊🕯🕯💕💕 @modiehithulo 😻😘”



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Her Mother also posted,

Took a short left to the big waters. Healing one soul at a time. My 9-5 . With my partner in prayer and healing… the product of my womb is a Psychic Medium bafeth 💃🏽💃🏽🕯🕯🐆🐋🐚👏🏾👏🏾 #Makhosi #Inkosiyamanzi #Prophet #Healer #PsychicMedium 👏🏾



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Despite the backlash she got from some on social media for announcing that she was starting her spiritual journey a few years ago, Boity is glad she opened up a discussion on traditional healers.

Speaking to Glamour magazine recently, Boity noted her family and spiritual journey were at the core of what kept her motivated.

She shut down any suggestions that she had shared her journey with fans to further her career.

“I don’t have any regrets about letting people in. I took a huge risk because back then people wouldn’t have revealed much about this aspect of their lives, preferring instead to keep it private.

Boity Thulo


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