AKA Reacts To Claims That He’s Embarrassing His daughter, Kairo; Here is What He Said

Rapper AKA is a doting dad, so don’t even think of telling him that he is embarrassing his little girl.

AKA is known for warming up those Twitter fingers every now and then, so when he went on a social media rant recently, one tweep felt it was not a good look on Kairo’s dad.

The tweep said he could give the rapper some “advice on how not to embarrass his daughter”.

AKA hit back with a simple flex, telling the critic to keep his advice because Kairo was doing a lot better than he was.

“My daughter is richer than you. No lie,” AKA said.

He also slammed others who brought up his daughter and said there was nothing that was going to stop him and Kairo from taking over the world.

In fact, the daddy-daughter combo have BEEN goals since day one.

One of the cutest moments on the internet this year was when AKA dropped Kairo at school and got a grand tour.

Cava the flashback:

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