Photos: ‘My A$s is Now Massive, Breasts are Gorgeous’ – Actress Masasa Mbangeni Gushes & Flaunts Her New Body

Actress Masasa Mbangeni Gushes Over How Happy She Is With Her New Curvy Body. Putting on a few pounds because of whatever reason can be very stressful however, actress Masasa Mbangeni is choosing #BodyPositivity and instead admires her curvy new body.


In a random self appreciation tweet, the actress spoke about how she has fallen in love with her body after putting on a few pounds. She further described her specific body parts that she is most obsessed with which include her stomach, breasts and butt.

“Guys I’ve gained so much weight and I’m so happy ! My ass is massive , my breasts are gorgeous and I have a soft belly !i look like a renaissance’s painting but with an ass” Masasa wrote



The actress further posted a photo of herself taking a stroll with her husband, and he too looks very pleased with his wife’s sexy body.






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