Photos: Actor Hungani Ndlovu’s Wife, Stephanie Sandows is Pregnant; Shows off Beautiful baby Bump; Check them Out


Actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu have opened up about their miscarriage  in their new YouTube video. The couple revealed they were expecting their first child but unfortunately miscarried at eight weeks, but guess what?? God is a Miracle working God.


Actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu are finally expecting their first baby. Yes, Stephanie is pregnant, and has decided to let the world know that she’s indeed gonna be a mother very soon.

“When the time is right. The Lord will make it happen ”





A light at the end of the tunnel emerges for The Ndlovus just a month after sharing their devastating story of how they suffered a miscarriage. The couple shared pictures of their maternity shoot, announcing that they are soon to be parents.

Congratulations to Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows(Ndlovu) who are are expecting a baby.🎉🎊🎉




. Talking about their miscarriage which happened sometime ago before God has blessed them again, Stephanie said out of excitement, that she had already started recording her first session/ scan at the doctors for her husband who couldn’t be in with her when she received the bad news. She said she was diagnosed with a blighted ovum.

“She literally did the scan and then she said I’m sorry there’s no embryo. She said I should take a moment I did not, I jumped off the bed I did not cry… nothing and I said nope I’m good. What do we do now? That’s sort of my coping mechanisms and strategies in life”



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Steph then said the next steps would be that I would have had a D&C which is to go in surgery and sort of clean out the uterus and stuff but because it there was Covid-19 and those risks involved, the gynecologist recommended that I do the cleaning out at home using the medication.”

She said her husband was traumatized by what he saw her go through two years ago.

“I don’t think the gynae did a substantial job in explaining the experience you would have with this medication because I think one would’ve opted for the D&C regardless of even if it’s Covid-19 or not, said Hungani.


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