7 Reasons! Here Are What It Means if your Partner Doesn’t Kiss You ; Here Are All You Need To Know

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Kisses are one of the most common and essential signs of affection in a love relationship. However, there are those who avoid kissing, hugging or caressing their partner in public. This is undoubtedly a suspicious behavior that can have several explanations, and here we will explore some of them.


4. Bad Smell
Bad smell is a major reason why most people don’t want to kiss. Aside from having bad smell through poor personal hygiene, some bad mouth smells are result of a medical condition. Try smelling mouth at times by blowing out air into your palm. If you still smell bad after brushing your teeth, consult a doctor as some medical conditions in the head could be responsible.

5. ‘Too Hygienic’
Your partner may not kiss you because he/she is too ‘hygienic’. Some people doesn’t want to get in contact with the saliva of others and picture themselves swallowing them through kissing. It’s very difficult to deal with such people unless they are madly in love.


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